Sabine M. Heyne
Sabine Heyne



My name is Sabine and I'm a Game Designer.
My favourite games are especially applied games and those that bring digital and analog concepts together. Add to that a mission, whether it's a social goal or a focus on accessibility, and I'm all over it.

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How did I come to see myself as a Game Designer?

I came to games from the idea of creating experiences in public or semi-public venues.
During my bachelor's degree, I saw my fellow students creating games. I myself am not a typical "gamer". I do play games, of course, but others might still not think of me as a gamer. Therefore, I have never thought of developing games.

However, for me, games are one of the best ways to build experiences for users.
They can provide a safe space to be alone and experiment, to show off your skills in front of others, or to work together to achieve a common goal – and so much more!
I'm good with people, I can spark ideas, I really like doodling wireframes, writing down processes, breaking down features into flow charts and filling tables with parameters.
Additionally I have a keen interest in design and technology. I love typography and good usability.

After realising that this could be my path, I just gave it a try. I had internships, I went to events, attended game jams, I talked with other game designers. And then I figured, I really want to do this.
So here I am, a Game Designer, designing fun experiences and enjoying it.

You want to know more about me?

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Sheep Roll

In Game Screenshot: SheepRoll
Puzzle Game
SheepRoll is a tile and turn based puzzle game. The player controls the sheep and tries to move the ingredients in the right order on the sushi mat to prepare sushi for the flamingo.
Download the unity build to play on Windows. Download Icon


Screenshot html file: 'Parlamus Exemplarischer Ablauf'
Casual Mobile Strategy Game
The concept was developed in the LESSoN project at the Harz University of Applied Sciences. The client was the state parliament of Saxony-Anhalt with the goal of developing a game that makes politics more appealing to young people. The player swipes through decisions that influence the satisfaction, with the goal of being re-elected.
Download the exemplary process as a html webpage to get an idea on the concept. |German only Download Icon


Competitive Maze Runner
The goal of the Game Development course was to develop a game about Covid-19. The result is a maze runner where two players compete against each other as hamsters. They try to collect the required objects as fast as possible without getting or being infected in the process.
Download the unity build to play on Windows. Download Icon

Master thesis

Masterthesis Ravensburger: Boardgame with the tiptoi©
Serious game with the tiptoi®
© Ravensburger AG
Transportation game in which the players have to collect fruits with their ships. To find the food they have to visit the small islands and on some of them are fruits. Collecting is possible with fulfilling small motorical tasks. But beware of the upcoming storm and never forget on which islands you’ve already been!

Villewälder App

Villewälder – in Game Screenshot: Woodpecker
AR App with Serious Content
© Villewälder App
App for exploring the biodiversity in the renaturalized oak forests of the "Kottenforst". The user can get to know the forest inhabitants in their natural environment and discover the protected oak forests at four stations using augmented reality.
Download the app in the app store | German only

Schau Mal

Schau Mal in Trier
Interactive installation
An interactive installation, which was on display for several months at three different locations in the city of Trier. The protagonist Fianna imitates the movements of the pedestrians and thereupon shows her own world. The aim is to make people in everyday life look up and experience the world around them more actively.
Schau mal! video
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Your Universe

Your Universe thumbnail
2D Health Game on Depression | Game Jam
This game was developed during the Health Game Jam in 2022. It was organised under the sign of mental health by gamesAHEAD in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut and the ThaiHealth Foundation. The intended goal was to show, that even small decisions make a difference for the own point of view. A person that might have a mental difficulty might not be aware of the other possibilities. This way it's very hard to understand, that there might be a way out.
We hope that the little fish in this game show that a helping hand or a gesture might bring some more colour or brightness to someone elses life.
Downlad the unity build to play. Download Icon
Or check out the it the Game Jam page:

Couch Tree App

Couch Tree App thumbnail
Your App to plant at home | Game Jam
This game was developed during the "wir-vs-virus hackathon" in 2020" initiated by the german government.
To playfully reward staying at home in times of the pandemics we developed an App in a big team of about 50 people. By staying at home you can protect your plants, that are endangered by a pest. If you stay out for too long they will start fading away. Grow your tree, collect new plants and virtually battle along with your friends.


aproposluther in Trier
Interactive Luther exhibition
Interactive installation with various multimedia stations on Luther's life and work as part of the Luther Year. Exhibited in the Constantine Basilica in Trier and on the square in front of.
aproposluther video
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Board Game Geliefert
Transportation game
A game in which players become logistics experts. Competing against each other, they must use their transporters to pick up goods from stores, use or bypass construction sites as efficiently as possible, and deliver orders as quickly as they can.
Download the pdf manual from the board game "Geliefert". | German only Download Icon

H.O.R.N. of Happiness

Table Top Game H.O.R.N. of Happiness
Analog RPG | GGJ 2018
This analog game was developed at the Global Game Jam 2018.
A light-hearted RPG about time travelling magical beings bringing happiness and kindness to places and times that are transmitting waves of sadness. H.O.R.N of Happiness is a social roleplaying game, so telling stories and being together with your friends is just as important as winning - if not even more so.
Download the print outs and the instruction: Download Icon Or visit the GGJ website:

Night as Day

2D RPG Night as Day Thumbnail
2D RPG | GGJ 2022
This 2D game was developed at the Global Game Jam 2022. Find out about the story of Dean, visiting the place of his childhood. Check the GGJ website to download the game:

It's a Creature not a Feature

2D RPG Night as Day Thumbnail
2D Top down runner | Game Jam
This project was developed within 24h at the MINFF Jam at our university.
Download the unity build to play on Windows. Download Icon
Or check out the storyline of the game in the video above. |German text
It's a creature not a feature – video
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