Sabine M. Heyne


No cookie recipe, but something else!
Actually I'm more the bread baking person and I'm way better with cakes. But here I give you one of my favourite recipes.


Also known as "Weckmänner". In the area I grew up you bake them around November for the kids. I love these and gift them to friends and my family. Quite often they have pipes made from clay, that are baked with the dough. Find some pictures here.
I am cooking and baking vegan, to reduce my climate footprint, that's why I added some suggestions on that, too.


Stutenkerle recipe

300g wheat flour (405)
75g white sugar
1 package vanilla sugar (in germany you buy it in packages with that specific amount in it. It's 8 gramm.)
1 package baking powder (german packages again, it's 15g.)
Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl.
6 spoons milk (oat milk is possible too)
6 spoons oil (e.g. sunflower)
150 g curd (there are vegan options, joghurt is also working)
Add all the wet ingredients and mix them. You should get a nice dough.
Then you shape bodies. Make them about 20cm high. They can lift an arm to wave or whatever you like.
a handful raisins
The raisins are used as eyes, but they are not necessary.
Bake for about 20 min at 170°C with air circulation on. Check them sometimes.