Sabine M. Heyne

About me.

Sabine M. Heyne

Sabine M. Heyne

Game Designer

My name is Sabine.

I am an enthusiastic game designer with a love for illustration and typography. My special interest lies on applied games and hybrid games.
I discovered Game Design through my Bachelor study Intermedia Design at the Trier University of Applied Sciences. There I have studied a good basis in all media fields, then focused on the conception of interactive exhibitions and finally specialised in the field of Game Design.

My goal?

I want to create content and convey attitudes that enrich our social interaction and make it a bit better. This thought has particularly influenced the topic of my bachelor thesis, in which I developed a Game for Change that deals with the problem of plastic avoidance in everyday life.
My skills of managing chaos, patience in difficult and time-consuming activities also help me in my spare time in my hobbies: textile handicrafts and bread baking.
I like to communicate and structure. Not only do I reach people, I can get them excited about topics and motivate them - I have seen this in pitches or in team projects through positive feedback.

Among my previous projects, I'm particularly proud of my interactive installation "Schau mal!", which I created in 2017 and was on display for several months at various locations in downtown Trier. For this project, I was responsible for customer acquisition and communication with the store owners themselves. Setting up the installation also went easier from exhibition location to exhibition location and numerous experiences in dealing with assignments, customer contact and organization made this project particularly valuable for my personal development. When I'm not busy with projects, I love playing puzzle and management games because they completely distract me from other tasks and let me switch off. Otherwise you can find me in the choir, because music relaxes me extremely and I enjoy the community and the togetherness.

Tabular Resume

Junior Game Designer

July 22 – March 23
Designing a public, social multiplayer game
Wondershop Oy – Helsinki, Finland


Jan. – July 2022
Game Development
Editorial work on recent developments
Ravensburger AG – Ravensburg, Germany

Master of Arts: (1,5)

Sept. 19 – July 2021
Conception of Media and Games
Specialization: analog and digital games
Harz University of Applied Sciences – Wernigerode, Germany

Project LESSoN

Nov. 2020 – Feb. 2021
Game Design
Serious Game Concept for the Parliament of Saxony-Anhalt
Harz University of Applied Sciences – Wernigerode, Germany


May – July 2019
Game Design for Serious Games
Working on 2 AR projects
The Good Evil GmbH - Cologne, Germany

Bachelor of Arts: (1,6)

Sept. 15 – March 2019
Intermedia Design
Specialization: Serious Games and 2D-Art
Trier University of Applied Sciences – Trier, Germany


May – June 2018
Game Design and Monetization
Tingleware Oy – Lahti, Finnland

Exchange Semester

Jan. – May 2018
Media Content Design
LAB University of Applied Sciences – Lahti, Finnland

General matriculation standard

March 2015
Mons-Tabor-Gymnasium Montabaur – Montabaur, Germany

Previous voluntary work

StuRa: Student Union

From March 2020 to August 2021 I was an elected member in the Student Union at Harz University of Applied Sciences. In my first semester in the committee (march – august 2020) I was responsible with a collegue for the social media posts, public relations, other print products and the newsletter.
From september to february I've been the head of the department public relations and marketing. In my last semester I was elected as the deputy chairwoman. I still was involved in the graphical design and writing texts for all kind of announcements.
Me presenting the StuRa in September 2020 (German only)
StuRa presentation – Video on Youtube

Bündnis Bunter Harz

The "Bündnis Bunter Harz" is a regional alliance in the Harz district for civil courage and against the radical right.
The goal is to stand up confidently and clearly as a civil society against right-wing extremist positions and actors. The term right-wing extremism is a generic term for attitudes that reject democracy and the equality of all people.
I set up their webpage and take care of problems accouring on it.
To their website:
Bündnis Bunter Harz

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